Our Development Services

Our Development Services


Development of a senior living community requires a high level of expertise, market knowledge, and sophistication. It requires a specialized approach to financing, zoning, project management and marketing. You must realize how important it is to find the correct way to avoid costly errors and succeed in launching and sustaining the community. PREMIER is a trusted, objective resource for you to access experienced senior living community development and marketing professionals that will guide you along the way to success.

Development services include:

Concept Creation and Project Management

  • Define and review the development plan to ensure the community’s vision, objectives, and goals, while satisfying prospective residents’ real needs and lifestyle preferences.
  • Prepare detailed budgets for pre-finance activities, marketing, design & engineering, construction site acquisition, financing and start-up expenses.
  • Assist in the selection, coordination and management of the development team, including professionals, contractors, legal counsel, consultants and financiers.
  • Negotiate service and construction agreements.

Site Investigation

  • Review existing due diligence information available on the property.
  • Meet with county planning and utility departments to discuss potential issues, and requirements related to tenant uses, including zoning, parking, etc.
  • Assist client in preliminary site layout to maximize the development of the property.
  • Prepare a preliminary site development budget.
  • Assist client with site civil engineer to obtain boundary & topographic surveys.
  • Assist client to hire environmental consultants.
  • Prepare estimated project schedule.

Pre-Construction Management

  • Assist client to hire and negotiate with the architect to prepare building elevations and plans.
  • Coordinate with site civil engineer to obtain final site plan and construction drawings.
  • Coordinate with the architect to obtain building plan approvals.
  • Prepare and submit site plan permit and building permit applications.
  • Attend required technical review committee meeting to obtain site plan approval.
  • Assist client to bid and negotiate site-work and building construction.
  • Review proposals and recommend selection of site and general contractors.
  • Provide recommendations for value engineering, as feasible.

Construction Management

  • Coordinate survey and stakeout work by site civil engineer.
  • Coordinate services of civil engineer, site and building contractors.
  • Provide value engineering services, as feasible.
  • Hire and coordinate the services of third-party testing firms.
  • Perform site visits during the construction period to review contractor performance and adherence to schedule.
  • Review contractor payment requisitions.

Project Close-Out

  • Provide a pre-punch list to all subcontractors.
  • Establish final punch list.
  • Schedule and monitor completion of punch list promptly.
  • Provide close-out documents.
  • Help obtain warranty.

Specific to Healthcare Projects

  • Obtain local, state and federal agency entitlements and construction and operating approvals.
  • Monitor, report, and file per local, state and federal regulatory agency requirements.
  • Obtain a certificate of need and operating/provider certification and licensing per local, state and federal requirements.
  • Assist through a certificate of occupancy and up to successfully obtaining final agency licensing and certification.

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