Leading the Way –
& Operations

Leading the Way –
& Operations

EXPERIENCED. Comprehensive.

Managing senior housing communities is not like managing apartments or other types of real estate. We are in the relationship business and our owners understand that. We have the skills and experience needed to be successful in the challenging world of senior housing.

We focus on customer service and customer satisfaction. We believe our customers are the residents, the staff, the family members and the owners. We know how important it is to keep these customers satisfied and we prioritize that daily.

Continuous quality improvement is essential to our operations. We know that what we are doing and how we are doing it today, will not be good enough to succeed tomorrow. We are constantly searching for new systems, new technology and new trends that our current and future partners will demand.


Operations Oversight and Expertise; Policies and Procedures; Outcomes and Performance Objectives; Compliance; Regulatory; Certification and Licensure Programs

Sales and Marketing

Lead Tracking System; Collateral Materials; Sales and Marketing Plans and Budgets; Community Relations; Competitive Analysis; Market Scanning

Human Resources

Job Descriptions; Recommendations for Compensation and Benefit Plans; Recruit and Interview Candidates; Hire and Terminate; Train, Educate and Supervise; Team Member Satisfaction Monitoring

Accounting and Financial

Reporting; Accounts Receivable/Payable; Cash Flow Management; Annual Operating Budget Development; Capital Budget Development; Variance Reporting; Financial Statements; General Ledgers; Covenant Requirements


Establish and Review all Service Contracts; Group Purchasing Programs; Volume Discounting Rebates; Direct to Manufacturer Programs

Resident Care

Develop Medical and Clinical Programs; Technology Implementation; Define and Maintain Appropriate Standards of Care; Monitor and Comply with all Federal, State and Local Regulations; Define, Monitor and Respond to Resident Expected Outcomes; Monitor Resident and Family Satisfaction

Risk Management

Recommend Adequate Insurance Coverage; Keep Insurance Coverage Current; Institute Risk Management Systems; Monitor and Minimize Current and Future Insurance/Risk Management Costs; Conduct Mock Surveys


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